Wholesale Multi Color Vinyl Decals 25 count

Regular price $75.00

The price on this package includes setup, cutting, weeding, layering and applying transfer tape for application to whatever surfaces you would like to place your decals on. Decals are different than peel and apply stickers. the vinyl backing is peeled off then the Decal is applied to a surface using a squeegee or credit card to press out air bubbles and finally, the transfer tape is slowly peeled off revealing a pristine vinyl decal. Vinyl decals will outlast run of the mill stickers in indoor and outdoor settings. We are very proud of our ability to take someone's idea or design and cut it out of vinyl for them. 

We cut and weed the base layer and then using methods we have tested start applying one or more colors at a time. The end result contains no air bubbles and will stand the test of time. 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. 

We offer our one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase you can either request a replacement or a refund. No questions asked. Our priority is making our customers happy by offering them the very best decals cut from the very best vinyl. It's the Hillbilly way here at Hillbilly Decals. 

What we need from you!

We need you to send us the graphic you would like us to make decals out of. You can send the graphic in .png, .jpg or .gif to roger@hillbillydecals.com us and we will vector it and get it into production. Once we have one made we will contact you to see if you would like any changes made before we start the production run. We also need your choice of up to 3 colors. 


Let us be your custom decal maker!

What you will get from us!

  • High quality multicolor decals!
  • Decals that will last for years!
  • 100% customer satisfaction!
  • Adheres to any smooth surface such as outside glass, vehicle bumper or tailgate.
  • Professionally cut and weeded.
  • Transfer tape applied before shipping.
  • Cut from high-quality Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl.