Camping Life Printed T-Shirt

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My wife, kids and I are all avid campers. We spend a great deal of time during the spring, summer and fall months camping. This decal kind of evolved from our love for the outdoors and how much we respect it. We are all hunters, we fish and we fit in as many other outdoor activities as we can while we can. Up here in the pacific northwest, we have the very best lakes, hiking trails, and wooded areas. There is no possible way anyone can experience everything up here in the PNW in one single lifetime. But that doesn't mean we won't try. Now, this decal isn't Pacific Northwest exclusive but I figured I would write this little intro about our area.
This shirt has the large camping life logo on the back and a smaller arrow logo on the front making this one of the best pacific northwest themed graphic shirts. The right sleeve has a reversed American flag (we don't retreat) and the left sleeve has the Hillbilly Decals logo.
  • Shirts are printed on Gildan heavy cotton shirts
  • 90% Cotton 10% Polyester 
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We use the vinyl heat press method for making these shirts. What does this mean? Our prints will last longer than any screen printed shirts. Our prints will not crack from washing and drying and we stand by that. Buy from Hillbilly Decals with confidence. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Check out our many deals on vinyl decals and shirts.
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